Welcome to Transition Media Arts

Lesley Stableford: Artistic DirectorEstablished in 1997, Transition Media Arts is an artist-led not-for-profit arts organisation that collaborates with community groups across Lincolnshire.

Transition works with all sections of the community, in particular groups of young people and children, both in schools, youth groups and other organisations, helping them shoot and edit their own films and gallery and projection based installations. We also undertake arts production commissions for Local Authorities, Arts Organisations and groups, and run one-to-one training courses on editing in Final Cut Pro.

Transition has its own digital equipment resource comprising 2 Sony Camera Kits including lighting and sound kits, a fully portable outreach edit suit with external monitoring, based on Apple Mac Book Pro, with Final Cut Studio digital editing software, DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Motion, GarageBand and iStopMotion.

Our activities aim to help traditionally disadvantaged groups to represent themselves and their experiences through the media arts, using a variety of methods, including projects, workshops, education and training, enabling us to make links and share experiences by working collaboratively.

Video offers an excellent medium for giving people a voice, having a voice equates with being listened to and therefore being included. It provides an opportunity to air and share experiences and therefore strengthens identity and self-confidence within a supportive environment. Transition is a small organisation with a reputation for high quality work, and achieving its aims and objectives. Our work in the community has considerable impact on education, crime reduction and employment, and we work in partnership with a variety of organisations in the area of youth justice and youth training, as well as in schools, youth centres and social services. Video making projects are designed to fit the needs and availability of the group, can take place anywhere, and can be done in various ways, e.g. full time during school holidays, over a number of weekends, or any appropriate timings during the school week.



The Aim of a Video Project is to enable the young people to produce a short film or video installation, acquire filmmaking and IT skills, and improve self-confidence and communication skills. This helps them to engage with learning in a new and creative way, strengthening their sense of identity and achievement.

Because our films are often intentionally cross-genre, this offers the young people the opportunity to experience a whole range of video making activities within one project – animation, music video, documentary etc. - and projects are always the result of ideas generated by the group, in collaboration with the artists.


From 1989, the community media arts provision in Lincolnshire took place as the arts strand within a commercial video production company, and from 1994 was revenue funded by Lincolnshire County Council and Eastern Arts Board. In 1997 the two strands separated and Transition Media Arts became a separate Media Arts Organisation.